Lippo Cikarang Implement the Covid-19 Prevention Protocol

Lippo Cikarang implements the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) front liner officer both in customer service and security officers. These steps are taken in order to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19.

One protocol that is implemented by checking the body temperature for security officers who are on duty at the gate in each cluster. Body temperature checks are carried out to ensure that security officers on duty are in good health so as to provide comfort for the occupants of the cluster and visitors. Security officers in each cluster are also required to use masks and provide handsanitizer.

Customer service at the Lippo Cikarang office also implements a series of protocols to prevent transmission of corona virus outbreaks. The protocol applied is checking body temperature when entering the customer service room and providing handsanitizers in the customer service area.

Lippo Cikarang Customer Service also applies a physical distancing system by limiting both the sitting position of the waiting room and the service counter. Limitation of physical distance is done by the presence of a distance limit mark on the waiting room seating and customer service counters. Lippo Cikarang Customer Service also limits the number of customer service operating to only 2 counters.