As of today, Lippo Cikarang continues to strengthen its business portfolio to include professional workforce and growing the value for created of a good work culture. We invite talented and bright candidates to join our growing business.


Lippo Cikarang, the most comprehensive city in the eastern part of Jakarta, is a pioneer in the urban development that was built as an integrated residential, commercial, and industrial township. The township concept keeping its great attention to the core of ‘light industry’ concerning the town vision as a green-concept city, pollution-free, and environmentally-friendly area. Lippo Cikarang was designed that covers all business and residential sectors, as it was then developed into a comprehensive township with 700 manufacturers and 320,000 daily inhabitants, including workers. The city also provides good infrastructure and first-class facilities to ensure that people live and enjoy comfortably. And we really want to be a destination point of foreign direct investment, as the city flairs for its motto, ‘the best place to live, work and play’.

Our Principles

Working closely with each of the Company’s Department and Division, We follows “the right man at the right place” principle wherein the needs and capabilities of each employee are carefully aligned with the requirements of each Division of the organization identified with thorough training, positive reinforcement and appropriate motivation methods.

Career Development

We are effectively provided the Company with a strong boost and reinforcement to each Employee’s skills. Through a series of annually planned in-house and external trainings, the vital facets of knowledge, ability, and even technology are continuously honed.

Job Title Location/Region Job Level Job Type
Account Receivable Lippo Cikarang Staff Full Time
Senior Tax Staff Lippo Cikarang Staff Contract
Media Promotion Staff Lippo Cikarang Staff Contract
Property Advisor Cikarang Staff Fulltime