Town Management Lippo Cikarang Held the RW Gathering

August is a historic month for Indonesia. Indonesia declared its independence right on August 17, 1945. Towards the moment of commemoration of Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day, Lippo Cikarang Town Management held a gathering with RWs throughout Lippo Cikarang (14/08).

The Lippo Cikarang RW gathering, which was held in the California Room, Maxxbox Lippo Cikarang, aims to establish harmony between developer and residents represented by the RW, also as an appreciation day for the resident administrator who have worked together to protect and supervise the environment.

“The gathering of RW Lippo Cikarang today is to continue the harmony that has been established so far so as not to be cut off”, Division Head Community Lippo Cikarang – Retno Isworo said. In previous years, a similar meeting was held with all RT and RW administrators. “However, this year we limit the meeting participant just for the the RWs regarding the Covid-19 pandemic,” she explained.

Through this meeting, Lippo Cikarang gave a charter and medal as a token of appreciation to resident administrator (RT/RW) who have helped protect and supervise the environment. In addition, Lippo Cikarang also named the Chairman of RW 008 – Sriyadi as the best RW with the criteria of cohesiveness, togetherness, friendliness, and the number of residents involved in implementing the Clean Friday program. RW 008 includes the Taman Sari and Taman Lembah Hijau clusters.

Even though it was short, the gathering between Lippo Cikarang and RW was run solem. The health protocol also continues to be applied as a standard, such as mandatory wearing of masks, measuring body temperature, providing hand sanitizers, and physical distancing.