Joy to the World: Santa Comes To Town 2019

Chanting of Christmas-themed songs began to be heard in the Lippo Cikarang, signifying the Santa Clause parade that was giving out gifts to residents that participating in the 2019 Santa Comes to Town. In Lippo Cikarang, the Santa Clause parade traveled around the cluster to distribute gifts starting on Friday (12/13) through Sunday (12/15).

Santa Comes To Town is an annual event organized by Lippo Cikarang. This activity was held to lift up the experience and atmosphere of Christmas festivity through the figure of Santa Clause.

The figure of Santa Clause is believed to appeared every year before the Christmas celebration and give out gifts. According to the story, the children chosen to be visited and given the gifts by Santa Clause are those who always do good and motivate to do good. In line with this, Lippo Cikarang hopping through the activities of Santa Comes To Town will continue to encourage children to always be good people.

The fun of Santa Comes to Town 2019 is reflected in the various expressions of the participants. Many participants laughed and were happy, but it was not uncommon to cry for fear of meeting Santa.