Lippo Cikarang Socialized the Role of Industrial Urban Developer in Environmental Monitoring

The management and monitoring of wastewater has been highlighted by the Government, especially in the Industrial Zone. Since the Government issued Government Regulation Number 24 of 2018 concerning Electronic Business Licensing Services and the mandate of Law Number 32 of 2009, environmental impact control is the responsibility of industry players and their management in the industrial estate is carried out jointly with the area manager.

Lippo Cikarang is now responsible for environmental maintenance and its monitoring is carried out routinely so that as a committed Area Manager, we have control over wastewater discharged by industries in the area.

Based on the regulations that have been enacted, Lippo Cikarang will periodically test and monitor the waste water of the Tenants in the Industrial Estate. . Therefore, Lippo Cikarang has conducted an Environmental Monitoring Meeting together with the Environmental Agency of the Regency. Bekasi and West Java Province in Maxxbox Lippo Cikarang (01/10) by inviting more than 1000 Industrial Lippo Cikarang Tenants.

Testing will be carried out by Lippo Cikarang in collaboration with a laboratory that has been accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN). We are also very strict in choosing laboratories because we prioritize the professionalism and integrity of laboratories given the enormous responsibility entrusted by the Government. Regulations regarding wastewater management have previously been listed in the Lippo Cikarang Industrial Zone Charter Code V regarding Waste Water Management and obligations as an Industrial Tenant related to waste in the Lippo Cikarang Area.

With the decrees already issued by the government and the Standing Orders by the area manager, it is expected that industry players together with the area manager maintain and preserve the environment, and realize the vision of Lippo Cikarang as an appropriate area for living, working and recreation.