Hikari Japanese School Sports Day

As a summer-end tradition in Japan, Hikari Japanese School held a sports festival (05/10). Located on the Hikari Japanese School field, this activity was not only attended by students from Hikari Japanese School but also Cikarang Japan School.

Hikari Japanese School Sport Day is even more lively with traditional Tama Ire games. Tama Ire is a typical Japanese game that is always present in sports activities at the turn of the season. The point of this game is that each group must put as many balls as possible into the basket. The group with the highest score will be the winner. Besides Tama Ire, there are also games such as Tug of War, throwing dice, relay running, and also art performances from students.

This activity does not only involve the participation of Hikari Japanese School and Cikarang Japanese School students but also parents of students. At the end of the event, all students received medals made from origami paper.