Daisuke Yokoyama: A Gospel Music Performance in Hikari Japanese School

The joy of Christmas celebration that we’ve been feel in this early December. Hikari Japanese School was welcoming Christmas Day by Daisuke Yokoyama performace, a gospel song singer from Japan. This activity was held at the Hikari Japanese School Hall (2/12).

Daisuke Yokoyama and his wife Kazuko Yokoyama have performed spiritual songs in various countries. After his appearance at Hikari Japanese School, Daisuke performed at the Christmas service located in Bali JCF. In his appearance at Hikari Japanese School, he told the story of his life which had collapsed to find peace by singing spiritual songs.

On this occasion, Hikari Japanese School students had the opportunity to sing a spiritual song together with Daisuke Yokoyama and Kazuko Yokoyama.