JIC 2nd Anniversary

The Japan Information Center (JIC) has reached its second anniversary since it began operating on November 17, 2017. On this second year commemoration, an Anniversary Commemoration will be held featuring Japanese cultural nuances (17/11).

Commemoration of the second anniversary was held in the JIC hall, located in Trivium Terrace Apartment. A series of performances from Hikari Japanese School, Cikarang Keion Club, Yoshimoto, Traditional Dance, and Choir from Japanese made this activity more exciting. Also, a Sodho performance from Lippo Cikarang Director – Alexander Yasa.

Besides variety of attractive performances, the second anniversary of JIC filled with Charity Bazar which sells a variety of goods that are worth using at economical prices. There is also a public bazaar that sells F&B to household furniture.

The excitement of JIC anniversary commemorates with a barbecue while listening to the performance of the Cikarang Keion Club.