Tower Menteng: From Bernoulli Law to The Best Water Distribution

Stand tall lika a lighthouse, the grandeur of Tower Menteng is dimly seen from Jl. MH Thamrin Lippo Cikarang. Tower Menteng is located across Emerald Mansion’s cluster gate. Tower Menteng is an equipment of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Lippo Cikarang and has function to stabilize the water pressure.

Tower Menteng established in 1993 and has been operating from 1995. The Tower Menteng adopted Bernoulli Law for its operational system. Bernoulli’s law states that the increase in velocity of fluid flow will cause a decrease in fluid pressure simultaneously or a decrease in the potential energy of the fluid. In other explanation, Bernoulli Law tells us about Characteristic of fluid that always keep it on the same height on each side.

Those characteristics could maintain the stabilitation of water pressure in every cluster, with the result of heavy water pressure. The height of Tower Menteng push the other side to reach the same height, so that water flows to each cluster optimally.

WTP Lippo Cikarang recently did a collaborative project with Nippo Steel Pipeline & Engineering Co., LTD as their commitment for providing optimum water flow. The collaboration project was about analysing of clean water piping and distribution system in Lippo Cikarang. The project was a preventive action from Lippo Cikarang to make sure that the water as a production from WTP has optimally distribution to all residents.