Additional Fogging in Lippo Cikarang Cluster

Lippo Cikarang held an Additional Fogging as a prevention response to the increasing cases of dengue fever in the Cikarang areas. The data by the South Cikarang Puskesmas reported 16 cases of dengue in early January 2019. Previously, fogging activities at Lippo Cikarang were routinely carried out routinely, namely 2 times a year. While this particular fogging activity is additional fogging carried out in several clusters including Emerald Mansion, Taman Napoli, Vassa Wood, Taman Cibodas, Taman Cibiru, Taman Dago, Beverly, Acacia Garden, Taman Lembah Hijau, dan Ivory Garden. Fogging has become 2 types, namely hot fogging in the cluster area and cold fogging for 200 houses.