The Opening of The Lippo Cikarang Mosque

On Monday May 14, 2018, Lippo Cikarang mosque opened in Cluster Taman Lembah Hijau, Lippo Cikarang. The event was attended by Nahdlatul Ulama Eman Suryaman, Head of BPN Bekasi Deny Santo, Secretary of the Commission 3 DPRD Bekasi Cecep Noor, Commander Kodim 0509 / Bekasi Letkol Arh Henri Yudi Setiawan, Head of South Cikarang District Sopian Hadi, CEO Kemang Village Reza Jaswin Khatab, Director of Communications Lippo Group Danang Kemayan Jati, Director of Operations of PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk Ju Kian Salim, and Chairman of the Mosque Foundation Lippo Group Teguh Pujowigoro. Do not forget also the employees present and the residents of Lippo Cikarang.

“We, as a developer Lippo Cikarang urban-development aims to facilitate the best for the community, especially at Lippo Cikarang,” said Toto Bartholomeus, as CEO of PT. Lippo Cikarang, Tbk.

The development process began on January 31, 2017 and was built on an area of 3,500 square meters, the Lippo Cikarang mosque applying the concept of modern architecture and friendly to the environment. The mosque is divided into two parts, outdoor and indoor area with a capacity for about 900 people. With the new mosque established that can accommodate more people, it hopes that residents can live comfortably in worship especially for fasting and celebrate the Eid Mubarak.