The presence of Santa Claus is the dream of every child. It used to be believed that when a child hung a sock at the fire place on Christmas Eve, Santa would give the boy a gift he had been dreaming of.

Lippo Cikarang celebrated the joy of Christmas with the Santa Comes To Town event. This event is always be awaited for at the end of every year, when Santa brings presents and gives Christmas messages to children and their loved ones. It certainly adds to the joy of Christmas.

There were many memorable stories behind Santa’s two days’ trip in Lippo Cikarang. There were cries of happiness when children got their gifts, others were afraid, shy, and some kids were laughing happily screaming Santa’s name!

At Christmas 2017, Santa Comes to Town toured from 10 to 11 December 2017 inn every cluster at Lippo Cikarang. Not only sharing gifts, Santa also invited all the participants to upload their best photos with Santa to enter a Photo Contest. The photos should be uploaded on Instagram by using #santacomestotown2017 hashtag, and those who get the most ‘likes’ will get attractive prizes. So not only celebrating the Christmas with Santa, the participants could also get hampers and the opportunity to win the Photo Contest.

Santa Comes To Town is an event held at the end of each year. So do not forget if you want to give a surprise for your children and loved ones, and join the moment with Santa Comes to Town next year.