Fogging in the Lippo Cikarang Area

The high intensity of rain in the last quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023 causes high humidity in the area. Continuous rain also causes stagnant water such as in gutters, used tires, used cans or bottles, leaf midribs, and tree holes.

Puddles formed due to high rainfall will be a place for mosquitoes to breed. When the population of mosquitoes that cause Dengue Haemoragic Fever (DHF) increases, the risk of dengue virus transmission in the community will also increase.

Therefore the Resident Management of Lippo Cikarang consistently conducts routine fogging activities in residential and commercial areas to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes that cause DHF. This activity was carried out from 27 February to 29 March 2023 and was spread across all clusters and commercials in the Lippo Cikarang area.

This is a commitment from the Lippo Cikarang area to try as early as possible in preventing DHF in the first quarter of 2023.