Opening Ceremony PT Softpren Industries Indonesia

Delta Silicon Lippo Cikarang has become an integrated industrial area in Jakarta Eastern Corridor. Various multi-national industries have also joined and run their businesses in Delta Silicon Lippo Cikarang.

PT Softpren Industries Indonesia, a Japanese company engaged in the field of industrial automation, began operations from its newest factory in Delta Silicon 3 Extention Lippo Cikarang on 24 January 2020. PT Softpren Industries Indonesia has been operating in Lippo Cikarang since 2018.

The number of new multi-national industries that continue to develop their business in the Delta Silicon Lippo Cikarang area is a good proof of the management of an area. Not only an industrial area, Lippo Cikarang is also integrated with residential and commercial areas. The existing integration is an added value for Lippo Cikarang, which is well known as a friendly area for living, working and play.