Be Critical and Innovative in STEM Fair SPH Lippo Cikarang

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Cikarang held the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fair (STEM) located at the Gym Room SPH (16/05 – 17/05). STEM Fair was participated by grade 7 – 9 which was divided into 18 groups.

STEM Fair provides opportunities to solve real-world problems of global or local significance. Each group investigates a problem in one of these fields: Science – biology, physical, chemistry, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Helen Schleper as the Principal of SPH Lippo Cikarang said “STEM Fair was an implementation of how they (students) think critically and solve problems”. Helen also appreciated all their work and hope for students to be the local or global change agents in the near future for God’s Glory.