Lippo Cikarang in Collaboration with Nippon Steel Pipeline & Engineering to Detect Water Leakage

PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk analyzes the piping and distribution system of clean water throughout the Lippo Cikarang area in collaboration with Nippon Steel Pipeline & Engineering Co., LTD (04-08). This project lasts until April 26, 2019 by implementing a Japanese standard analysis method that is worked on with a team of experts and equipment directly imported from Japan.

Analysis of the piping system and water distribution is the company’s preventive step to ensure that the water production from Lippo Cikarang’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is optimally distributed. The area that is the focus of the analysis is the distribution channel of WTP 2 which supplies 50% of the total water demand in Lippo Cikarang. The entire area includes industrial, commercial and residential areas which are divided into 7 sub-areas to focus on the analysis area. The stages in this analysis included the area survey and determination of the checking location, followed by Flow Measuring, Leakage Localization, and Pinpointing Leakage.

Flow measuring is the stage to find out the volume of water at night in a predetermined area. Using ultrasonic flow meter, the flow measuring stage will present information on the highest and lowest water volume so that it can find out more specific points that have the potential to experience waterloss.

The next step is leakage localization, which uses noise logger leak which can capture the roar produced by the water coming out when there is a gap in the pipe. This voice will provide more specific information for the location of the pipeline that has leaked.

To ensure accurate pipeline leakage is used a tool with a listening stick and voice leak noise correlator is generated between two areas placed correlator leak noise. This stage is called leakage pinpointing.

In the end, the results of the analysis of piping and water distribution carried out can be used as a guide in maintaining maintenance of piping networks in Lippo Cikarang. This action is in line with Lippo Cikarang’s vision to be a comfortable area for living, working and recreation. One of them seeks optimal water distribution.