Corporate Milestones

  • The Launching of Residential Cluster AcaciaGarden
  • The Launching of Trivium Terrace Apartments, The Suites Tower
  • The Opening of the Cibatu toll gate Km 34.7
  • The topping off of Trivium Terrace Apartments, North Tower
  • The Grand Preview of the Irvine Suites of Orange County
  • Grand Opening Japanese SME Center
  • Residential Cluster launch Ambrosia, Acacia Garden Extension and shop Cosmo Center
  • Trivium launch Terrace Apartments
  • Investors Arward 2013 Awarded as Top Performing Listed Company.
  • Highest recorded share price of Lippo Cikarang reached Rp3.800 with share at par valued Rp500 per share.
  • Grand preview of Trivium Terrace Apartments.
  • The Company Received Investor adan Forbes Indonesian Magazine
  • Lauching of Vassa Terrace, Le Vesta, Emerald Mansion, residential cluster.


  • Launching construction of KM 34.7 toll exit and access road
  • Highest recorded residential occupancy rate
  • 80% increase in sales/rental for commercial unit
  • Hiked land value for industrial estate


  • The construction of Lippo Cikarang Citywalk.
  • The construction of Sport Village at the Elysium Residence.
  • The construction of Delta Silicon 5 industrial estate.
  • Launched Le Jardin cluster at the Elysium Residence, Acacia Garden, and Easton Commercial Centre.
  • Lippo Cikarang built its new office building at Easton Commercial Centre.
  • The construction of industrial estates: Delta Silicon 3.
  • The construction of Elysium Garden and the New Azalea Garden.
  • The construction of commercial areas Robsons Square and the Delta Niaga 2.
  • The construction of Education Centre region.


  • Water Treatment Facility 2 with a capacity of 230 liters/second is operated.
  • Launched Vassa Wood.


  • The construction of My Home 1 residence at Taman Sriwijaya.
  • The construction of Vassa Lake residence at CBD Lippo Cikarang and Mapple residential.
  • The construction of Pasar Sentral Market Lippo Cikarang.
  • Setting up the Master Plan for the development of high quality and green Lippo Cikarang.
  • The construction of Vassa Residence.
  • The construction of industrial estates Delta Silicon 2



The construction of Cibodas Garden at Taman Cibodas.


  • Lippo Cikarang changed its status from private company to public company, with line of business: real estate, industrial estate and township developers.
  • June: Initial Public Offering of 108,588,000 common shares at a price of Rp 925 per share with nominal value of Rp 500 per share.
  • 24 July 1997, Lippo Cikarang listed 696 million shares and began trading on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange (both were merged into the Indonesia Stock Exchange).
  • PT Lippo City Development was transformed into PT Lippo Cikarang
  • The construction of 2 hectares Megumi Driving Range (MGDR)

PT Gunungcermai Inti was changed to PT Lippo City Development, and moved from Jakarta to Bekasi, West Java.


PT Desa Dekalb was changed to PT Gunungcermai Inti.


The forerunner of Lippo Cikarang, PT Desa Dekalb was established in Jakarta, with line of business such as trading, industry, printing,  ining, plantation, agriculture, fishery, farming, transportation, warehousing, forestry and supplier of various commodities.